Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back to work in 17 days.

SO much to get done before 12/18. I feel like that is doomsday, which I realize is ridiculous. SO many people looking for jobs right now, so many without health insurance, and I have both of those. But, I just want so badly to stay home with Andrew. Or well, walk 2-3 hours/day with Andrew, grab a coffee, do the laundry, cook dinner for my boys every night, etc.

My to-do list is insane! I have breakfast with the gals Thursday, Weight watchers Saturday, obnoxious DMV appointment Monday, need to take family Christmas pic for our cards, order those cards, order picture gifts for family for Christmas, get haircut before 12/12, work Christmas party on 12/12, Andrews 4-month well baby appt 12/14, Insurance wellness appointment 12/15 (blood test/weight/etc to lower cost of insurance by setting "health goals"), finalize info on who is taking care of Andrew when I go back to work, get new pics put on digital frame for my desk at work, get gift for gf's 30th bday, Daryl's work Christmas thing (maybe...it is the day I go back to work, so I think I'm skipping it?)

All of this makes me want to run for the nearest pizza buffet. Fighting well so far, have snacked more the last couple of days but still a little down on the scale, and still on control. Have to keep this in check...ugh! Stressed may spell desserts backwards, but that doesn't mean I have to eat them!

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