Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-post Weight Watchers bound!

I made the decision last night to go ahead and join Weight Watchers today instead of waiting until I go back to work. We were thinking financially it would be best to wait, but to be honest we spend the monthly pass fee each weekend on eating out for brunch! And I spend $30/week on Starbucks. So how can I deny myself something HEALTHY that has worked for me in the past?

I'll be weighing in on Saturday mornings, but I'll get reacclimated to the website today. I hope to lose 2 pounds/week until I go back to work, which is totally do-able. That would be 12lbs before Christmas! I will continue walking with Andrew everyday, and have decided that 3x/week I will give Andy over to Daryl, my wonderful hubby, at night after Evan goes to bed, and do the Biggest Loser workouts! Just 30 minutes of me-time, working on being healthier.

There is a long road ahead but this is definitely where I have to begin! :)

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