Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So, we got the packet of health insurance information from my workplace for 2010, and more than ever, it is important that I stop eating whatever crappy thing jumps into my basket at the grocery store during my maternity leave. I have 6 more weeks, and in that time I have to have a wellness assessment for work to lower the premiums for my health insurance. We're talking a savings of $130 permonth! Wow.

Talk about a good reason to work on my health and getting closer to that (thus far), mythical healthy BMI! Basically I have to do an assessment online of my health habits (thankfully mostly very good from an insurance point of view), and be weighed, and have myblood taken for the other 1/2 of the assessment. They will look at weight and the cholesterol/blood sugars etc, and basically try to see improvements. Now, I've already lost over 90 pounds from my highest, and working my way back to 100 pounds down, so I know WHAT to do...it's getting my butt in gear and DOING what needs to be done!

Today has been great, wonderful long walk with Andrew, stopped for a quick snack/coffee, grocery shopping, healthy lunch, good day.
About 50 days to exercise and eat as best I can before going back to the extreme stress of being working-outside-the-home mommy!

Saturday I *will* stand on that scale and face whatever it has to say. Weekly weigh-ins will begin from there. I hope to lose 10 pounds before going back to work, and also am planning to ask for Weight Watchers monthly pass for my Christmas gift this year!I know that the accountability and "me" time of a weigh-in/meeting is what I need long term. Right now it's just me and my desire to get back to work under my pre-pregnancy weight. I CAN DO IT!

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