Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well, had a great day and then decided on popcorn chicken and mashed tatoes from kfc for dinner. Plenty of healthy options here and I do that. Meh. The one saving grace is I ate 1/2 of an individual popcorn chicken which is pretty small.

On top of trying to move more/eat less, I also grabbed some good skin creams, one for night, and a good SPF one for day, along with a nice cleanser. After two days my skin feels and looks better. I have always had issues doing the little nice things for myself like that, probably due to extremely low self esteem, but I have to try to feel worthy at ANY weight. Not only do I deserve to live a healthy, balanced life where I take care of myself, but Daryl deserves a wife who does too.

Tomorrow I want to try to mimic Mon/Tues...not so much today. :p

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