Monday, November 2, 2009

Recommitting - 7 week journey

Already a busy morning. Baby up at 5, Evan up at 5:30, Evan has had breakfast, his lunch is made, he'll be off to school with daddy soon. Good to be back to some sort of schedule after we were all so sick last week with the flu.

Breakfast was LF vanilla yogurt with a big spoonfull of Natural PB, and a sliced banana.

Once the boys are out, in about 20 mibutes, I'll hop in the shower and head out with Andrew for a walk! We'll hit the coffee shop for a ff pumpkin coffee and the grocery store. Need to stock up on the "on plan" goodies that keep me going when I'm steadily losing weight. I still have not stepped on the scale. Afraid of what it will say, but, have to start somewhere! And not knowing doesn't mean I haven't gone up in these past few weeks! :p

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